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Indian Student Requirements

FAA/DGAC Helicopter Commercial Pilot Program

The general procedure to obtaining flight training at Classic Helicopter Corp is as follows:
DGCA Brochure
  1. Obtaining an M-1 VISA
    • I-20 Form
    • Bank Financial Statement
    • CHC International Admission Application
    • Letter of Acceptance
    • SEVIS Registration

    • You will register with SEVIS after you receive I-20 form and the letter of acceptance
    • Cost= US$200 (pay by credit card)
    • Print Proof of Payment
    • Print Form I-901
    • www.fmjfee.com
    • Apply for M-1 VISA
    • Visit the nearest authorized HDFC bank for the payment of the Visa Fee.
      • Cost= US$130 (payable in Rupees in equivalent value)
      • Receive the proof of your payment with bar code
      • Upload photocopies of the first and last page of your passport on to your PC
      • Have the record of all the schools you have attended handy
      • Log on to www.vfs-usa.co.in
      • Complete Form DS156, DS157, DS158 as necessary
      • Print those forms
      • Make an appointment for Visa Interview and print the letter
    • VISA Interview at US Embassy

    • Documents you need for the interview.
    • I-20 form ◦CHC Letter of acceptance
    • DS 156,157 and 158 as necessary
    • I-901 proof of payment
    • Valid passport
    • Passport size photo
  2. TSA Registration and Training Request to AFSP
    • All foreign students must register with TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and receive an approval to initiate flight training from AFSP (Alien Flight School Program)
    • Register with TSA
    • Cost= US$130
    • Log on to www.flightschoolcandidates.gov
    • Register and receive User Name and Password
    • Log back on and start application.
    • You need to upload your passport photo, have it ready
    • Complete all the steps and pay the fee by credit card
    • You will receive a finger print instruction e-mail within 2-3 days
    • Print the finger print instruction
  3. Getting Ready to Depart India
  4. You are allowed to enter USA 30 days prior to your start date shown on the I-20 form but no later than the start date.
    • FAA Medical It is advised that you obtain an FAA 2nd Class Medical before you depart India. For a list of medical examiners, please visit http://ame.cami.jccbi.gov.
    • Travel and Medical Insurance We recommend you obtaining a Travel and Medical Insurance before you leave India. Ask you travel agency for information.
    • Prescription Medication If you are taking any kind for prescription, advise your Dr. and get a refill for at least 5 months.
    • Clothing The climate is Seattle is pretty mild, however, we recommend to bring a warm jacket or coat.
    • Arriving Seattle International Airport
      • US Customs US Custom officer will ask you a few question such as purpose of visit, how long you are staying, where are you staying, etc. Please answer as appropriately. And also your fingerprint will be taken.
      • Pick Up CHC will have somebody to meet you at Baggage Claim Area and will provide transportation to your place to stay.
      • First Day at Classic Helicopter Corp.
        • Enrollment The first thing we need to do is to get you enrolled in our course. We also issue you all the book and material necessary for your flight training. We also need to take a picture of your face to upload to TSA website.
        • TSC Finger Print We will make an appointment to take your fingerprint at ALTEON to submit to TSC. You will receive an approval to initiate flight training form AFSP in 2-3 Days.
        • Start Flight Training
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506 23rd St NE, Auburn, WA 98002, Auburn Municipal Airport (S50)

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